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HuntersDomain is the number 1 online resource for information, a great place for hunting guides to post their trips and hunts, big game hunting outfitters to show the world the profile and achievements as well as their client's trophies. Find Landowner tags, topo maps, DIY (do it yourself) information, hunting forums on many of the more popular hunting units and most North American big game including hog hunting, elk hunting, turkey hunting, whitetail deer hunting and most every species that us crazy hunters pursue, or have a hunting guide or hunting outfitter need for. Many hunting guides and hunting outfitters place cancellation hunting trips or fishing trips at reduced prices to allow sportsmen to take advantage of last minute deals including, but not limited to, the wife said "I can't go hunt any more".

Elk Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Trips:

Colorado unit 2 elk hunting: is the best in the state and hunts on the Walker Ranch secluded along the eastern boundary of the Dinosaur National Monument up on Douglas Mountain is the ultimate place to spend your preference points. This hunt is very deserving of all your years of applying and receiving those "not successful" letters in the mail followed by a refund check. The Walker Ranch is host to hundreds of elk year around and especially during the rut or bugle of the fall. The vast amount of water on our ranch and seclusion from the hords of public land hunters make the Walker Ranch the top choice for elk hunting unit 2 Colorado. Hunters can expect to see multiple bulls every day and these elk are not call shy for the most part and often elk hunters can call screaming bull elk up to archery range. Call 936-635-0929 today to book a unit 2 deer or elk hunt.

HuntersDomain has listings for elk hunting guides, elk hunting trips and elk hunting outfitters for the elk hunt of your dreams. We allow all outfitters to post their trips here and those special outfitters that achieve the status of "HuntersDomain recommended" are the guides you can count on to delivery. The recommended outfitters have proven either to our staff or other reliable references that the effort they put in assisting an elk hunter enjoy the hunt of their dreams. Whether you are chasing a Boone and Crockett elk or your trophy elk is a spike we have the hunt in your price range and your "TROPHY" level. Elk hunting for bugling bulls is one of the most exciting big game trips in the world. The distant sound of a New Mexico elk from a sage covered ridge or the bugle of a Colorado elk from a deep Escalante canyon can make a hunters blood boil and aching muscles feel no pain and keep climbing for just a chance or glimpse of the preconceived monster that is just over the hill.

States that have the best trophy hunting not in any particular order are Arizona elk hunting known for its great bull to cow ratios, monster bulls and high hunter success rate with some of the most popular destinations being unit 1, unit 23 south, 23 north, unit 9, unit 10, unit 27, unit 7 and unit 3a and 3c. The pinon covered hill sides have mostly moderate topographical changes but offer one the challenge of being in optimum shape to keep up with the herd bull. Some of the units are very rugged and have little water so finding the water is often crucial in a successful hunt.

New Mexico elk hunting from the famous Gila Mountains and units 15, 16, 16A, 16B, 16C, 16D and unit 16E to the Lincoln National Forest and trophy areas bordering the Mescalero Indian Reservation (one of the finest elk hunting places in the world) New Mexico unit 34 and unit 36. Some of the more popular mule deer hunting areas for NM are units 2B and 15 but almost all the GMU's have a good population of deer with a few trophy muleys coming from almost any unit in the state. Hunt hard and you can find a trophy here.

Wyoming elk hunting in units that border Yellow Stone National Park and also other GMU's offer high elk populations and good trophy potential. Hunting areas again not in any particular order are as follows: these Wyoming elk units have proven to be great units such as unit 61, 54, 65, unit 7, unit 63/64, unit 59, unit 100, unit 121, unit 30 and unit 19.

Montana elk hunting can be great especially in the famed Montana Breaks areas. Popular trophy units are 631, 329, unit 380, unit 622, unit 621, unit 410, unit 447 and unit 455. Montana outfitters can post their ads here and get immediate results from new viewers of their business and trips they may have available.

Colorado elk hunting offers hunters a trip to the United States highest elk population and some of the best opportunities to go afield and chase the wapiti. My favorite elk are is unit 2 Colorado and other highly sought units are unit 201, unit 61, unit 10, unit 40 and unit 76. The Colorado Department of Wildlife manages the elk herd for quantity and more hunter opportunity than most states but he units they manage for trophy bulls offer unforgettable trips that will fill camp fire lore for generations.

Colorado mule deer hunting has been on a steady up swing over the last several years and it continues to be a top producer of trophy muleys. There are several units the state such as unit 21, unit 61, 72, 55 and more that have consistently put out big bucks over the last few years.

Utah elk hunting has become the standard by which all other states set their trophy elk goals. The last few years have seen several Boone and Crockett elk harvested each year by bow hunters or archery hunting, muzzleloader elk hunting and of course rifle hunters. Utah offers a handful of lucky applicants the ability to hunt the bugle or rut with a rifle. Some of the best units in Utah are San Juan, Panguitch Lake, Mt. Dutton, Southwest Desert elk hunting, Book Cliffs, Bitter Creek, Fillmore Pahvant and the Wasatch Mountains. Utah has very low draw odds but the effort and wait are definitely worth it. Nevada elk hunting another tough state to draw is in the same elite group as Arizona, Utah and New Mexico when it comes to trophy elk hunting trips and quality bulls. The elk in Nevada units 231, 241, 242, units 072 – 074, units 076 – 081, units 161 – 164, units 131, 132 and units 111 – 222 are typically the most sought after or poorest draw odds to a hunter seeking a coveted Nevada elk hunting tag. Outfitters in Nevada also post there businesses here on HuntersDomain and if you draw a tag give us a call and we will point you in the right direction.

Mule Deer Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Trips:

Mule deer hunting guides and outfitters post their trips here from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, Idaho and any state where mule deer roam. They can post cancellation hunts in the classified section or in the auction section as well as their outfitter profile to allow the thousands of HuntersDomain users to see what they have to offer. Trophy mule deer hunting trips to a youth hunt can be found right here from discounted prices to full blown world class trophy mule deer hunts.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Trips:

Texas whitetail hunting guides now have to deal with the likes of whooper Kansas deer hunting opportunities, Iowa dream bucks, Missouri monster deer and a host of other up and coming states from Illinois to Maine and even north of the border up in Canada well know for trophies in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. If you are seeking a wall hanger look no further than HuntersDomain. Put a buck on the wall your wife will be proud of and your taxidermist wants to keep because it is the biggest buck they have "stuffed" in years and want all the gazers to stop and see what all the talk is about!

Buy Landowner Tags:

We have been selling landowner tags or land owner vouchers for several years and we are the easiest site to find exactly what you are looking for! We have New Mexico elk landowner tags, New Mexico mule deer land owner tags and antelope vouchers. In Colorado landowners can sell their often coveted tags here for elk hunting, mule deer or antelope. Nevada and Utah also offer different forms of big game tags for elk, mule deer and antelope from CWMU tags and other.

Sell Landowner Tags:

Post you landowner tags or sell you land owner tag right here on our site. It is easy and allows a rancher to maximize the true potential their tag has to offer in the open market. We have changed the way a farmer sells his tag. One simple sign up process allows the land owners to post each and every tag separately and manage the voucher inventory from pricing to how it sells. HunterDomain is the only site that has categories for mule deer tags, elk tags and antelope tags and also a classified section that the owner sets a flat price for the purchase or a landowner tag auction section with buy it now pricing available, minimum price to allow bidder to place and hidden reserve prices to keep the owner covered and capitalize on the open market and get they can for the tag.

Topo maps:

Big game units and topo maps for areas in the following states and units can be found here: Colorado unit/topo maps, New Mexico topo & unit maps, Montana big game unit maps including topo maps, Wyoming topo and unit maps, Utah topo maps and unit maps, Nevada hunting unit maps and topo maps, Arizona hunt area maps, Oregon hunting maps and topo maps and Idaho unit maps. Hunters do not have to guess at where they are these maps show unit boundries, BLM and public land ownership and are a great resource for planning your method and route of attack, doing a prior inspection of the terrain, pre-scouting and discussing areas prior to arrival of the hunting trip and basic navigation to and from your desired big game “secret spot”. These high quality topographical maps offer a level of assistance second to no other map and no hunter should leave home without one printed just for the specific area or big game unit they plan to hunt.

Hog Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Trips:

Hog hunting continues to grow with populations exploding in southern states such as Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama and Texas. Many other states have also realized that hog populations going unchecked are a dangerous thing to management and often very detrimental to farmers crops and ranchers hay fields and winter cover crops. Texas hog hunting is great sport, but is also utilized to somewhat assist a somewhat uncontrollable booming hog or wild boar species existence in numbers and ever expanding area or range. Hog hunting guides can post their hunts, place topics in the forum or post photos of past trips.

Mountain Lion Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Trips:

Mountain lion hunting with hounds remains one of the most exhilarating hunts anyone can enjoy. The thrill of the chase not knowing what is at the tree, the sound of the hounds as they strike and the bay of treed dog can never be explained but only experienced. The description a hunter offers his friends after a lion hunting trip can never fully explain what the hunter truly feels as it is for sure a "you had to be there" story. Colorado lion hunting, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Utah are just a few of the states that mountain lion trips can be booked, right here with HuntersDomain.

Black Bear Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Trips:

Black bear hunting guides from Minnesota to Maine and from New Mexico to Arizona can post black bear hunting trips here as well as hunter info for do it yourself hunters including topo maps and good hunting areas. Some states still allow hounds to pursue black bears such as New Mexico and Utah and this is one fun hunt filled with excitement and adrenaline rushes that can not be written about only lived. Do not hesitate call and book your black bear hunt in Canada or the U.S. today. Many bear hunts can be combined with fishing and/or other big game such as moose, caribou, whitetail, wolf or wolverine hunting.

Moose Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Trips:

Moose hunting for Shiras moose in the United States is done in Montana, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. Alaskan moose hunting of course is done in the beautiful state of Alaska home of Sarah Palin and Canada offers moose hunting in most of all the provinces from Manitoba, Alberta, Newfoundland, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. Moose hunting guides and outfitters can post trips, hunts and cancellation trips here as well as manage their entire hunting businesses available hunt dates. Photos of successful moose hunters and stories in the forum can assist the DIY guy in where to go and what to expect.

Caribou Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Trips:

Caribou hunting in Newfoundland, Canada, Quebec, Canada, Alaska, Labrador. Other places include Manitoba caribou hunting trips and Saskatchewan. Many highly prominent guides and outfitters place their ads here to get the most advertising bang for their buck. With hundreds of visitors in a day outfit owners can expect to book more caribou hunts or any species they may offer. Many of our top caribou guides offer package deals that can include some superb fishing, bear hunting or a combination caribou / moose hunt.

Duck Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Trips:

Looking to bag a limit of mallards then maybe an Arkansas flooded timber hunt should be in your plans. The plains of Texas and Kansas also are known to provide full bag limits of widgeon, gadwall, teal and mallard ducks to the hunters lucky enough to of chosen a HuntersDomain recommended outfitter. Hunting from blinds on tanks and lakes to laying in flooded rice fields our outfitters put you where the ducks want to be, which always leads to a better hunting experience and memories that fill the pages of your photo gallery.

Goose Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Trips:

Goose Hunting guides can post their guided trips here whether they offer flooded fields, layout boats for blinds, heated goose hunting blinds over water holes or jump shooting tanks you can rely on our staff to point you in the right direction to call in a flock of snow geese with a "look look", a speckle belly goose "say what" or a Canadian goose with a "ker honk" the excitement of a flock of geese whiffling down into your decoy set we are your one stop shop.

Turkey Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Trips:

Gobbling in a tom turkey is second only to a monster bull elk coming in screaming and bugling in response to your own calling. Turkey hunters seeking a guide in Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri, Florida, New Mexico, Colorado the Dakotas and a host of other states can count on us to show you what, who and where to go to fill your grand slam or simply take your son or daughter on an exciting turkey hunting trip.

Brown Bear Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Trips:

Alaska brown bear hunting is one of the top destinations for one seeking to fill a tag as well as many parts of Canada, Kodiak bear of Alaska have one of the fiercest reputations but are almost equaled by the Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Alberta brownies. Probably the most dangerous of all big game animals in North America hunters can find bow hunting or archery hunts as well as rifle brown bear hunting trips here at Hunters Domain.

Big Horn Sheep Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Trips:

Big horn sheep hunting can be done in Colorado for Rocky Mountain Big Horn, British Columbia, Montana, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, California and Mexico for Desert Big Horn and other sub species can be found in these same states as well as other states in the western United States and Canada. The low number of tags available to sportsmen make the big horn one of the most difficult of all North American big game species to harvest. The Nelson Bighorn or Desert Bighorn is indeed the most difficult of all tags to draw in the continental United States.

Mountain Goat Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Trips:

Mountain goat hunting guides for Colorado mountain goat, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Oregon and South Dakota. Hunters seeking a professional mountain goat outfitter can rely on the top site on the net to provide accurate listings of guides and outfitters in all the above states and provinces. The Rocky Mountain Goat is one of the strangest yet most majestic looking animals in North America and the terrain they inhabit is often not navigable to most of us flat land humans, but more reserved for our 4 legged friends.

Antelope Hunting Guides, Outfitters and Trips:

Most of the western states from Arizona to Wyoming offer hunters the chance at a buck antelope. Most states offer over the counter tags with some of the better trophy units by limited draw only. Women and men alike enjoy the thrill of seeking a pronghorn antelope in the open plains where difficult shots are more common than not. Buy and sell any and all your hunting trips and landowner tags here in a few easy steps on

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