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2019 Colorado Unit 49,57,58,581 Muzzleloader Deer UW 
$2,200 USD
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2019 Colorado Unit 49,57,58,581 Muzzleloader Deer UW


Unit: 49,57,58,581

Valid: Unit Wide

Species: Deer

Weapon: Muzzleloader

Available Tags: 1

Price Per Tag: $2,200


Jimmy 936-635-0929


Jen 936-219-9075

Unit 49 Information Relevant for Deer & Doe during rifle/muzzleloader/Archery Seasons

Unit 49 Location: Portions of Lake, Park, and Chaffee counties bounded on the North by the Continental divide. On the East by Hwy 9 and US 285. On the South by Us 24. On the West by the Arkansas River and Tennessee Creek.

Unit 49 Tips: Weston Pass has good access roads to public National Forest Land where many deer herds can be found. If you are hunting in the later seasons the deer tend to migrate towards the Paddock State Wildlife Area. Hunter's claim the best area in the unit are in the Chaffee County portion where the terrain consists of junipers and pinons.

Unit 49 Weather: The weather is extremely variable in this unit for the deer hunting season. You may get some snow and small freezes in early September.

Unit 49 Terrain: Consisting of mostly grassy meadows, alpine, fir, spruce, aspens and pines, and pinons and juniper. There are broad valley bottoms and steep hills throughout the unit as well as steep climbing in the mountain areas. Hunter access is good as there are many public roads and trails throughout all the public land. No motorized vehicles are allowed in the wilderness portion of the unit.

Unit 49 Elevation: Starting at the Johnson Village your lowest elevation point is around 7,874 feet reaching up to the highest point at the foot of Mt. Cameron at 14,238 feet.

Unit 49 Amenities: There are more than 15 hotels and campgrounds as well as a few grocery stores available nearby if needed.


Unit 49 State Park Info: The AHRA campgrounds are open year round with picnic areas and, nature trails, and boat ramps. Keep in mind no hunting is allowed within 100 feet of these areas.

Unit 57 Information Relevant for Deer & Doe during rifle/muzzleloader/Archery Seasons

Unit 57 Location: Portions of Chaffee, Park, and Fremont counties bounded on the North by US 24. On the East by Kaufman Ridge and Badger Creek. The South by US 50 and Hwy 291. On the West by the Arkansas River.

Unit 57 Tips: In this unit, many hunters will have the most success in their deer hunt by staying at lower elevations. The deer like to stay in the juniper and pinons terrain located along the north, south, and west sides of this unit.

Unit 57 Weather: Expect snow or freeze in mid-September or early October. As with most things, weather can vary though.

Unit 57 Terrain: The terrain in this unit is mostly level. There are some steeper areas as well as steep rocky areas on the west side above the Arkansas River. The vegetation consists of meadows with fir, pines, spruce, pinon, junipers, and large aspen stands. Unit 57 is 80% of public land and has good access throughout the unit.

Unit 57 Elevation: The elevation in this unit ranges from 6,890 feet near Swissvale to around 10,995 feet on Cameron Mountain.

Unit 57 Amenities: There are a few hospitals, more than 15 hotels, several campgrounds, and grocery stores close by for your convenience.

Unit 57 State Park Info: AHRA ( Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area) campgrounds are open year round. They are a great place to set up your base camp during your hunt. There is no hunting allowed within 100 yards of any campground, picnic area or boat ramps.

Unit 58 Information Relevant for Deer & Doe during rifle/muzzleloader/Archery Seasons

Unit 58 Location: Portions of Fremont and Park counties bounded on the North by US 24. On the East by Park County Road 59 and Colorado Hwy 9. The South by Us 50, and the West by Kaufman Ridge and Badger Creek.

Unit 58 Tips: The deer population is higher in the southern half of the unit. The Sand Gulch and Badger Creek provide a habitat that the deer prefer and are easily found.

Unit 58 Weather: The weather can be extremely variable. Be sure to check your forecast when planning your hunt. You can have snow or freezes in early September in the higher elevations.

Unit 58 Terrain: This unit has fairly good access for public land. Most are accessible, but you may run across some blocked by private land. Many landowners are fairly cooperative in granting permission but you must make accommodations for this ahead of time. The terrain

level valley bottoms to moderately steep hills to even steeper mountains. The vegetation consists of grass, pinon, juniper, brush, aspens, fir, and spruce.

Unit 58 Elevation: From 5,760 at Parkdale to 11,710 feet on Waugh Mountain.

Amenities: There are a couple of hotels located in this unit for your stay during your hunt if needed.

Unit 58 State Park Info: Spinney Mountain, Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area. Spinney Mountain is open to hunting in designated areas only. There is no camping in this area. You can find camping nearby at the Eleven Mile State Park. They have an office that has details and maps if you are in need of. The AHRA campgrounds in Unit 57 are open year round and provide an excellent area to set up camp during your hunting trip.

Unit 581 Information Relevant for Deer & Doe during rifle/muzzleloader/Archery Seasons

Unit 581 Location: Portions of Park, Teller, and Fremont counties bounded on the North by US 24, and on the East by Hwy 67 and Phantom Canyon Road. On the South by US Hwy 50, and on the West by Hwy 9 and park County Road 59.

Unit 581 Tips: The most recommended hunting areas for deer include Puma Hills and Eleven Mile Canyon in the northwestern portion. In the western portion, stick to the Witcher Mountain and Cap Rock Ridge areas. The winter concentration for deer is generally in the northern and western parts of this unit.

Unit 581 Weather: Variable but expect the first snow around mid-September.

Unit 581 Terrain: The vegetation consists of grass, juniper, shrubs, and pinon in low areas, whereas in the higher elevations you will come across mostly fir and spruce.  Access is good for this unit. There are minimum hunting opportunities near subdivisions.

Unit 581 Elevation: In this unit, your elevation ranges from 5,250 feet near Canon City to 10, 863 feet on Stoll Mountain.

Amenities: There are several hotels and campgrounds at your disposal while on your hunting trip.

State Park Info Unit 581: Camping is available at Eleven Mile, Mueller, and AHRA, including electric, walk-in cabins. There are also laundry facilities, showers, and a dump station.

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Landowner Tag Type Unit Wide Tag
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