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Colorado unit 2 Elk Hunting
unit 2 Colorado Elk Information: Unit two in Colorado is the top trophy unit in Colorado for monster bull elk. It takes 24 plus years for a non-resident to draw a coveted tag in GMU
2. With that many preference points hunters should seek to hunt the famous Walker Ranch located in the SouthWest corner of the unit where it borders
the Dinosaur National Monument to the west. This hunting area should be your top choice if you have at 24 or more preference points when applying in the big game draw. It is known for monster bull elk and hunters can expect to see lots of bulls and hear lots of screaming elk. They we typically see multiple 330" bulls while on their hunt daily this hunt is typically not super demanding physically for trophy class elk, antelope or mule deer. Unit 2 Colorado is located in the very North West Corner of the State with Dinosaur National Park as the western boundary and south border. Game management unit 2 (GMU 2) borders the most highly sought after unit in the state unit 201 on the north and unit 10 to the south just across the Yampa River. Unit 10 and 201 both are the other two the top trophy elk units in the west and certainly Colorado The Bull to Cow ratio is high and hunting pressure is low bulls seem to be everywhere during the hunting season and hunters can expect to have the best hunt ever especially during the rut. expect to see and hear lots of bugling and multiple bulls each day. We have taken bulls over 370" on 4 of the last 5 years and we have video on youtube from fall of 2015 of a 420" gross bull (his sheds were picked up and that's how we know the score). The fact that many of the Colorado Governor's elk tag winners hunt the Walker Ranch is reason enough for hunters to choose the pristine high desert mountain as the play ground for their next awesome outdoor adventure. Terrain in Unit two CO: Moderate to Difficult terrain. Need to be self-sufficient; one of the closest towns is Craig and is several miles away in Colorado. Carry a GPS with a land owner chip for boundaries. Handsdown the best elk hunting in the unit is in the Southwest corner and on the Walker Ranch. Between the Walker ranch and Jimmy Horton's property they have a large portion of the elk watering holes in the SW corner with over 20 different marked springs, ponds and tanks. The water on the ranch holds elk in and around the 2 ranches all fall especially during the rut. The Walker ranch is one of the most famous trophy elk hunting ranches in all of the west especially in Colorado. Trophy Potential in unit 2 Colorado: A unit 2 Colorado trophy Elk Mature Bull has the potential to range between 300-370+. Bulls often reach the 400" mark. Trophy Antelope range between 72-80+. Mule deer has trophy potential between 160-190+. We he harvested bulls over the magical 200" multiple times in the last 7 years unit 2 Colorado Archery elk hunting: August 27 - September 25 Ideal bow hunting in Colorado unit 2 with enough open country to scope out bulls at distance but also has enough dense coverage for a bull to respond to calling. A mix of cedar, juniper and sagebrush make up most of the foliage on the BLM land in unit 2. unit 2 Muzzleloader in Colorado: September10 - September 18 Excellent hunting time because the rut is in full swing. Hunters will want to hunt water holes from mid morning to late and chase bugles early. The Bulls typically respond to cow calls and often to bugles due to low hunting pressure throughout the season. This is a very fun hunt with almost 100% success rate each year we had a 77 year old shoot at and miss 5 different bulls in 2015 between buck fever and parkinson's disease he just could not connect but Jerry still had the hunt of a lifetime. Our 84 year old muzzleloader hunter tagged out near the end of the muzzleloader season with a nice 340" bull and completed his dream of a trophy bull his 6x7 bull was an awesome elk. Early Rifle Hunt in Unit two CO: October 1 – October 11 This early hunt is the best high quality hunt in the west. Super low hunter numbers and high bull to cow ratio with high elk density especially on the Walker and Horton ranch over in the Southwest corner by Zenobia Peak and west end of Douglass Mountain. Bulls are still in heavy rut. It si not uncommon to call in 10 to 15 bulls in a single day depending on the day. This early rifle hunt is definitely the best in Colorado and has very low number of hunters making this a once in a lifetime hunt. Colorado Governors tag hunters often seek to hunt the Walker Ranch for the chance to fill that coveted tag. Hunters seeking the best place to hunt for monster bulls that hold a Colorado governers elk tag should contact Jimmy Horton to discuss options. Over the past we have had a handful of Governors that hunters and a couple that reached the super high esteem of 400" Boone and Crockett.

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