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Rules for purchasing a Colorado landowner tag or landowner voucher:

Colorado landowner tag brokers with language from the SB 13-188 bill: Landowner Preference/Voucher Reform. The bill imposes several new rules to improve Colorado's landowner tag brokering program enforcement. Specifically, the bill makes several modifications to the Landowner Voucher or Landowner Tag Program:

1) The new bill Prohibits “brokering” of vouchers/landowner tags, by allowing vouchers/landowner tags to be transferred only by the participating landowner or their contracted"land manager".

2) Colorado deer landowner tag brokers: The state of Colorado does not allow brokers to sell, resell or transfer any vouchers.

3) The only legal method in the State of Colorado is to purchase directly from the land owner or the contracted "Land Manager".

4)  Colorado law now requires that all landowner tag/vouchers transferred to a hunter provide access to the entire property for which the landowner tag/voucher was issued.

5) The bill also authorizes Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) to disqualify any landowner or hunter who violates the program rules from participating in the program for up to five years.

6) Colorado landowners that own 160 or more acres that is considered agricultural by the local tax appraisal district and has a substantial number of days where mule deer, elk or antelope occupy the parcel can apply for vouchers.


Colorado has two types of mule deer vouchers. elk vouchers and antelope vouchers; one is PLO or Private Land Only and the other is unit wide. PLO tags can only be used on the private ground which includes the ranch on which they are issued and also any other private ground where the holder or purchaser of the landowner tag has been granted permission. Unit-wide landowner tags can be used on any private (with prior permission from land owner) or any public land that allows hunting whether it is BLM, National Forest, National Grass Land, or any other public land within the GMU (Game Management Unit) where hunting is permitted.


Colorado mule deer landowner tags are issued for all weapons from archery deer tags to muzzleloader deer tags, and rifle deer tags for 2nd season deer, 3rd season deer, and 4th season deer hunters. Every Colorado Game Management Unit that offers deer hunting should have tags available to qualifying landowners that apply in the LPP program. Most units in Colorado have good mule deer hunting and a few trophy bucks come off about every area in the state. Some of the more famous trophy deer hunting landowner tags are those issued for unit 2 Colorado, unit 10, unit 21, unit 44, unit 54, unit 55, unit 61, unit 62, unit 66, unit 67, unit 71, unit 72, unit 73, unit  80, unit 81, and an abundance of other Colorado deer hunting management areas across the state.


Colorado has a handful of GMU's where landowners get issued elk tags and vouchers. unit 1, unit 2, unit 10, unit 20, unit 201, unit 21, unit 40, unit 49, unit 50, unit 61, unit 66, unit 76, and a few others. The hunting in most of these units is superior to purchasing a New Mexico Landowner tag simply because of the variety of seasons from archery, muzzleloader, and rifle. Combined with the long archery seasons bow landowner tags muzzleloader and rifle tags allow hunters to pick their dates. The overall number of hunters in the field on most of the better Colorado units even further advances the quality of the Colorado landowner tag hunts over the New Mexico landowner tag fall hunting trips. The top trophy units in Colorado are mostly nestled in the NorthWest Corner of the state and include unit 1, Colorado unit 2 located west of Maybell Colorado in the BLM Little Snake Field Office area, unit 10, but there are many other top units for success rate and trophy quality such as Colorado unit 61 over on the Uncompahgre Plateau, and unit 49 located in the center of the state.


Colorado Antelope landowner tags are available in several units across the state and the Northwest corner is tops for trophy pronghorn hunters. We manage ranches in unit 80 and unit 81 located east of Pagosa Springs near Alamosa, Colorado and 
Antonito Colorado. Additionally, we get tags in unit 49, unit 50, unit 2, unit 3, unit 4, unit 5 and several other GMU's across Colorado.


Landowner tag brokers in New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada help to bridge the gap between the elusive often unpublished landowners list and hunters looking for that hunt of a lifetime.

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Landowner tags can be an important factor. Landowner programs were established to acknowledge the contribution of private lands to support wildlife and provide a form of compensation to landowners for resources used by wildlife. Permits or tags are typically available to landowners, family members and others designated by the landowner based on the acreage owned. In most cases, the recipient may only hunt on the property for which he/she is registered.

Fill Out The form To purchase A LandOwner Tag (Click Here A New Window Will Open Or Click Image)